Founder | Yoga + Fitness Guide

After many years of experiencing severe anxiety, yoga, fitness and meditation allowed me to reconnect with the power and love within to face very limiting fears. I’ve found that when I face fear with love and presence, my whole world expands so that I can live life more fully, freely, and joyfully.

I began practicing yoga as a child with my mom, and started teaching in 2009. My classes have a foundation in yoga and incorporate various forms of fitness, with the intention of cultivating presence, empowerment, freedom and authenticity. I’ve assisted four 200 hour yoga teacher trainings in Costa Rica, and have also taught yoga in Hawaii and Maryland, where I currently reside.

I’m an introvert with a rebellious, determined, do-it-my-way spirit. I’m a serious music lover with a deep love for hip hop, jazz, and anything that makes me feel something. My yoga practice of choice: an energy-moving, heart-awakening class with powerful core work.

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Be who you are.

Live fully now. 


No one is you and that is your power.

Dave Grohl