I first fell in love with yoga because it really got me grounded in my body. I was in control of my body, my breath, and my mind. On my mat was the one place I could really move freely and expressively. I began to cultivate a sense of empowerment and confidence. I started to reconnect with my inner fire, my innate power, my inner self.

Eventually, I also began to dive into other types of fitness. I discovered strength-training, cardiovascular exercise, and HIIT (high intensity interval training) and began to combine my love of yoga with these other exercises. The blend of the graceful, fluid, opening yoga movements, with the powerful strength-training and cardio exercises allowed me to cultivate deeper power and endurance.

Since I was little girl, I’ve used affirmations that I’ve found super helpful in retraining the brain to think in more positive ways. As I played with combining different forms of fitness over the years, I also began to incorporate affirmations or mantras into the movement. I would have a word or mantra in mind during my yoga practice or run or whatever I was doing that day. I took unifying body and mind to the next step by threading the conscious affirmation together with the conscious movement.

I wanted to develop a series of workouts that would bring out the inner strength, power, confidence and vibrancy that is already currently present within all of us. I wanted fun, effective, thoughtful and powerful workouts. I wanted to use mantras every day with the workouts to change habitual thought patterns that were negative.

And so Strong, Toned + Vibrant was born.

Strong, Toned + Vibrant is a 28-day course for cultivating this strength, power, and vibrancy from the inside out. We combine fluid yoga movements, with powerful sculpting, toning and cardio exercises, and mantras to reinvent limiting thoughts.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the workouts and details of the program.

May you ignite your inner power and live life vibrantly.

Peace + Love,



True strength + power for vibrant living.