WELCOME! I’m so glad that you’re here – you’ve come to the right place! I want to give you a closer look into who I am, what Beyoutifulliving is, and how we came to be here now.


I grew up very shy and introverted, always curious about creating things, expressing myself, and forging my own path. Ever since I can remember, I’ve experienced severe anxiety. I always felt different, out of place, and at times paralyzed by fear.

My birth given name is Anjana, the name of a Hindu goddess, and a yoga pose, Anjaneyasana. (Worked out well, huh? 😉 )

My mom raised my brothers and me with an introduction to spirituality and yoga, but also left it open for us to explore and figure things out for ourselves. On Sunday mornings, she held a “church” session in our living room, where we read from various spiritual texts and practiced yoga postures and breathing exercises.

Yoga and spiritual “stuff” soon fell into the background as I learned to find my own way. After having my own struggles of being a teenager, trying to find my identity and place in the world, I eventually found myself being drawn back to yoga when I was 19. I practiced  at home on my own with a program on TV. It allowed me to find freedom, ease, and grounding, as my body and mind came together. It was my space to be at home within myself for once. I was fully in my body, connected, empowered, and completely present. After feeling so much constriction, separation, fear and unease from anxiety, it felt liberating to create space, to let energy flow, and to reconnect with the love within myself.

When I was 22, I decided I had to travel to Costa Rica to become a yoga teacher. I had never stepped foot into a real yoga studio. I’d only ever taken a few classes with my mom at a church, and at home alone with my TV program. Yet I had never been so certain of something that I had to do.

This was my first real experience of following my heart, my gut, my inner self, taking a risk, facing an immense amount of fear, and going for it.

My intensive month-long teacher training in 2009, was life-altering and opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities. It tore down some heavy, built-up walls, and very limited perspectives. I felt a sense of true empowerment, strength, purpose, and authenticity, like I had never experienced before.

So this is what it feels like to know that I’m here for a certain reason. This is what it feels like to know that I am the way I am for a purpose, and I’m here to give of myself. As I am. As only I can.

And so it began. I started teaching yoga in my hometown of Columbia, Maryland.

So this yoga thing, and yoga teaching thing, was allowing me to free myself and be myself. I was living a more expansive life, beyond my fear and anxiety. It was allowing me to heal past stuff, and live fully in the present moment.  I was facing fears head on with the love in my heart and moving past them. I had never felt more like myself and more alive.

In 2011, I decided  it was time to leave the comfort, safety and known-ness of my life in Maryland. This was the second huge moment of following my heart, my gut, my inner knowing, despite the fear. I bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii and leaped heart-first into a new adventure.

And here, my friends, is where Beyoutifulliving, the original blog was born.


Suddenly I was surrounded by out-of-this-world beauty everywhere I turned. I was incredibly inspired and started writing every day, sharing my experiences on my newly created blog. It was all about my honest, authentic experiences, and my ups and downs living in a new place, so far away from everything familiar. Soon I also started to share my knowledge of yoga, fitness, meditation, and inspired living.

The basis of Beyoutifulliving came to be about being who you are authentically and living vibrantly from the heart. All my experiences had led to creating this space for

facing limiting fears, breaking through barriers, expanding to our fullest potential, and living fully by expressing our most free, authentic selves.

After two and half years of living in Hawaii, all the while traveling back and forth to Costa Rica to assist yoga teacher trainings, I decided to take another leap into the unknown. That decision was to leave the stunning paradise to move back to Maryland — my third, somewhat difficult choice, responding to a gut, heart, and inner guide knowing.

I settled back in to Maryland and began building a foundation for an online yoga, fitness, and wellness business. This is how this online space, the revitalized Beyoutifulliving, came to be.


This space is for you to use the tools that I’ve used, like yoga, fitness, meditation, writing, and creativity, to free yourself, express who you are in this world, and live vibrantly with a sense of empowerment, adventure and expansiveness.

This space is here for you when you can’t make it to the yoga studio or gym, and when you’re out on your traveling adventures. It’s for taking the time in your own space to go deeper within yourself. There is something so sacred about practicing on your own outside the studio.

I’m not here to tell you who to be or how to be. I’m not here to give you a secret formula for “becoming your best self” or getting the “perfect body.”

I’m here to give you the tools you need, to go within, to make yourself at home, and to create your own rules. I’m here to offer guidance for reconnecting with what is real in navigating this life:

your own inner guide, power, love, and presence.

You are your own guru. You are your own best teacher and guide. Only you have the answers you need.

You are in charge of your own life. Reclaim your power. Create your life as you desire, on your own terms. You are free to be, do, have, and experience anything you can imagine. This is why we are here. We are here to create. We are here to be uniquely as we are. We are here to love and live fully, beyond fear.

I offer you this space to join in on the adventure, conversation, connections, experiences, and full living, right here, right now. I offer you this space to go within, wherever you are, to arrive in the present, to empower yourself, and to discover where you’d like to go from here.

May you reconnect with the infinite power and love within your own being.

May you discover joy, peace, ease, wholeness, as you are right now.

May your limits, your fears, your walls, your world, be blown wide open in order to expand.

You are here to be you and to live fully.

I look forward to joining you on your unique, authentic, BEYOUTIFULLIVING journey.

All my love,